Friday, April 3, 2009

Training Update

For our most recent DRC training run we enjoyed some fantastic weather putting in a 10 mile run around White Rock Lake. It really was a beautiful time and place for a run after some of the freezing cold windy runs we've had recently. Once the sun sets it does get awfully dark at the lake, but that didn't stop the bugs from coming out in full force. Yuck! You know those tiny little gnats that fly in groups of one million or so? I'm certain that everyone of them in the state of Texas congregated at the lake that night. In spite of my best efforts I have no idea how many I ended up swallowing. BLECH!! At one point I covered as much of my face as I could with my hands and just ran as fast as I could trying to get rid of one huge swarm. I certainly hope there aren't many of those in Oklahoma.

Here are just a few of the full marathon training group on that run. (Thanks to Jeff Venable for the pics). That's me on the left. Max and Denise are in the middle. They have been my pace leaders for most of the season- I don't know what I would have done without them! They are so much fun. Sue and Danielle (on the right) both survived our crazy no water/who moved our course? accidental 20 mile run two weeks ago. Both are running their first marathons soon-- Sue in San Diego and Danielle (complete with her power food of gummy bears) will be braving Oklahoma with me in just 22 days!

And yes- at DRC we are required to line up according to height for all training runs.... (no, not really).

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Danielle said...

okay, i wasn't going to leave a comment until i read your very last line about DRC making us line up according to height...pppppllllhahahahahahaha!! i almost laughed until i cried. good one.