Sunday, April 19, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown - 7 days

If my time estimates are correct, at this time next week I should be somewhere around mile 10! :)

"Inspire your mile"- All OKC mile sponsors, please write a short message you'd like me to read as I begin running your mile in Oklahoma next week. Your message can be inspiring, encouraging, funny, whatever you choose.... it's your mile! :) Please email your message, along with your name, and mile number to me at no later than Thursday, April 23rd. Remember, if you are a sponsor for more than one mile, please include one message for each mile.

I did this for my Arizona marathon and my mom put all of the messages into a post-it booklet I carried with me on the course. This was a key part of why I had such a great first marathon experience. Being able to reassess and focus on my sponsor and their message each mile really helped keep my attitude in the right place, kept me moving forward, and helped me keep the big picture in mind of what this fundraiser has been about. If you'd like to read examples of what previous mile sponsors have written for their messages, you can glance back at my '26.2' post from January.

Thanks everyone!

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