Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 5 days

Two things I can address in this update post: time and weather.

Time: Now that I have a first marathon time to compare things to, several people have asked if I am looking to beat my time for the OKC race, or what time I'm aiming for. For my first marathon, when someone asked me what time I hoped to finish in, I typically responded with..."you mean this is timed?" And I'm glad to say I feel just as casual about my time performance in this marathon as well. My biggest goal--- finish! Even better if I can finish smiling. Even better than that if I can finish before the official finish line actually closes. Beyond that- I have no specific time goal. My thoughts currently are to keep this attitude for my first 5-10 marathons, and then maybe at that point I'll consider PR concerns.

I personally like John Bingham's advice about running a marathon with a fast time goal--- don't do it! You've paid all this money and spent all this time training for this amazing event-- why rush through it?? Take your time, take lots of pictures, talk to people-- enjoy every minute you can get out of it!! If you really want to know how fast you can run 26.2 miles-- then some random day go chart out a course in your neighborhood and time yourself. :)

Weather: Current forecast for Sunday in OKC is warm and WINDY! If any of you are praying folk, please work in some requests for cloud cover and less wind!! Thanks. :)

Sponsor updates: I've heard from a few people who are reporting how they plan to complete their miles for Susan's Foundation. OKC marathoners Vishal and Chris have promised to moonwalk their sponsored miles (or at least part of it). So let's hope they catch that on video!
For the rest of you, keep thinking about your plans-- and be sure to make a big to-do this week about putting your feet up, carb loading, and telling all your friends you need to rest up for your marathon participation this weekend! :)

Still 2 miles left to go on sponsoring.... keep spreading the word! Thanks!

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