Thursday, April 23, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 3 days

Carb Loading!!
The concept of carb (carbohydrate) loading prior to an endurance event is based on the concept that your body stores this kind of energy longer-- and you'll need a lot of it on race day. So a few days prior to your endurance event, you're typically encouraged to increase your carbohydrate intake.
For elite runners I'm sure this serves a very specific purpose and is important to do a specific way. For the rest of us... it's just fun! Once I've been about 6 days away from a marathon race, I pretty much give myself the green light to each pretty much whatever I want that week! So this week I've been living it up! Danielle (who will be running her FIRST marathon in just 3 days), and I went out for a little carb loading party recently-- it was great!! A cheap pizza buffet, several selections of dessert, and a short walk to prepare us for the second dessert of the evening- a hot fudge sundae. Now a hot fudge sundae doesn't even qualify as carbs but- like I said-- it's really about pigging out for a few days and knowing you've earned every bite of it. :)

So- in just 3 days all you sponsors will either be running your miles in OKC or putting in your miles in whatever location you happen to be. So enjoy yourself and carb load appropriately tonight! :) I sure am!

Just 1 lonely mile left still looking for a sponsor...

And for any sponsors who still need to send me their 'mile inspiration messages'- please do ASAP. The bus leaves Saturday morning and my computer won't be coming with me.

Happy running (and eating) everyone!

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