Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 1 day

This is it! Very soon I will be headed out to meet the DRC crew for the bus ride to OKC. I'm packed. I'm sure I forgot something-- it will be interesting to discover just what that is.

I slept great last night. (The second night before the marathon is the most important night for sleeping well-- it's pretty much guaranteed you won't sleep well the night before the race).
Rumor has it we're running into 30mph headwinds for the second half of the race. I think I said it once before-- wind is NOT my favorite weather for running-- but, in the spirit of the 'lemonade maker' inspiration for this endeavor-- I'll make the best of anything that comes my way! :) On the bright side I think we'll manage to avoid the rain.

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be thinking of all of you. Have fun putting in those miles this weekend. Start sending me pictures and reports of your adventures this weekend if you can. I'm hoping to have pictures and race report news up by Monday.

Let's do this!

Happy Running!!!
Thank you again!

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