Sunday, April 26, 2009


We arrived in Oklahoma City and checked into our hotel along with a mass of other runners. We quickly got settled in and then headed across the street to the convention center for the Expo. We took care of business first and picked up our race numbers, checked that our timing chips worked, and picked up our t-shirts. From there we were free to browse the vendor booths and relax until later in the evening.

I had gotten so used to spending time with my own pace group that I had forgotten how many other DRC members there are I really didn't even know yet. So while I enjoyed chatting with them, I was also eagerly looking for Danielle-- who had driven up with her husband earlier that day. This would be Danielle's first marathon and I was almost more excited for her to experience all this than I was for myself. At last we found each other and went into a brief picture taking frenzy.

By the way-- you may notice I'm practically kneeling in every picture with Danielle--- this is an attempt to accomodate the drastic differences in our heights. lol. My number for Marathon #2--- 613.
Danielle and her husband Kevin (running his first half-marathon), with their race numbers. A nice feature of this race was having personalized bibs. I was boring and had Anna put on mine-- but Danielle and Kevin went with the more adventerous Gablemania1 and Gablemania2.
The expo was crowded, but wasn't anywhere near the size of the expo for the Arizona marathon. So it really didn't take us long at all to walk around and see everything. After we'd done our browsing we decided to head down to the Oklahoma City Memorial....

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