Monday, April 13, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 13 days

Today was a rest day for training. My bruised feet have completely healed from my last 20 mile run. If I remember correctly the next two weeks start getting crazy. When you're training for a long distance race you get used to expending a certain amount of energy by running a certain number of miles each week. Once you start tapering and cutting back miles in preparation for race day-- you find you have all this pent up energy you're not sure what to do with since you can't take it running. With this marathon taking place 2 weeks before final exams-- fortunately I have specific outlets that will be glad to take on that extra energy. :)

Still 5 miles to go on sponsoring-- it's right about now I start to get nervous about if they will all get adopted or not. Keep up the positive thinking that we'll find 5 people inspired to donate to a great cause and help cancer patients! After all.... this isn't just about the running. :)

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