Saturday, April 18, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 8 Days

Yikes!! How did we get to single digits already?? Actually, I know how. Someone please remind me not to plan my next marathon just before finals week. :)

Just 8 days left...what could go wrong now? Well, I actually had a few of my
chronic spine allignment problems catch up with me this week-- so I've been
doing more resting and stretching than running. Thursday I tried to get in my 9
mile run on Katy Trail. I ran 4 miles, walked 2, and then finally accepted I was
going to have to call this one quits. Since then I've been stretching, resting,
and trying to will my legs to be the same length again. Have you ever tried
running with legs of different lengths? Yes, it's a challenge-- and if you
persist trying you will quickly cause numerous other allignment and neurological
problems that will sideline you for weeks. This was the lesson I learned last
summer, so now I try to be smart and catch it happening early. I'm feeling
confident that if I play it smart this week I will be more than ready to plow
down finish line #2 in Oklahoma City!
We have just 4 miles left to go on sponsoring. Again to everyone--- thank you, thank you, thank you!! If you all agree to keep spreading the word to get those last 4 miles covered, I'll agree to stop slacking off on daily countdown posts-- and focus on getting all lined up (spine and all) in time for OKC NEXT SUNDAY!!!!
Check back in tomorrow for an important announcement for all OKC mile sponsors!

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