Washington Team Members

Full Marathon Runners
Anna Mortensen
Dallas, TX
Anna was born and raised in Tempe, Arizona and is now pursing a Ph.D. studying Neuroscience and Auditory Processing in Dallas. Anna picked up running about 3 years ago, and Seattle will mark her 4th full marathon distance race.

Why do you run for the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation?
"My cousin, Susan's, battle with cancer ended just as I was preparing to run my first full marathon in Arizona. Watching her courage, kindness and strength in the face of such a difficult situation was truely something that changed me as a person. Suddenly all of the endless hours of I'd put into marathon training seemed to take on a whole new meaning when I realized this time and effort could to used to help a cause that had become so important to Susan-- supporting other young adults fighting cancer. I am truely honored to strive to reach my 50 marathon goal in Susan's memory and run for this important cause."

This could be YOU!!

We're looking for team members to join the fun and run or walk future races to benefit Susan's Foundation. Email Anna for details.

Washington Fan Club Members

Kent Mortensen
Gail Mortensen

"We are excited about supporting Anna in the Seattle Marathon!"
This could be you!

We're looking for fans to commit to being in Seattle on June 25, 2011 to cheer on Team members from the start to finish lines. What a great way to see Seattle and support a great cause!