Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown - 12 days

Today I had an easy, slow 4 mile run down Katy Trail. Perfect weather. Very relaxed run.
Scrolling through some pictures I found the group photo of the first run of the DRC Spring Training Season. I don't recall where I might be in this photo-- the only thing I do remember is how incredibly FREEZING it was that day!!! It's hard to believe this was just back in January. It seems like so much has happened since then. The day this photo was taken I don't think I knew anyone in this group by name, except maybe one or two people I'd met that morning. 285 miles later (yes, that's pretty close to how many miles we've each logged since that day), there are many people in this photo who I've gotten so close to, and I'm certain we'll be friends for years to come. It's very true that as pace groups we've become something of a running family.

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