Sunday, April 19, 2009

Calling all sponsors... get moving! :)

In just 7 days we will start off on the Oklahoma experience of 26.2 miles! Did you catch that? That's right, I said "WE". What is unique about the Oklahoma race is that it just so happens that many of my mile sponsors (amazing members of the Dallas Running Club) will be running the race as well.

For the rest of you, if you thought your 'virtual marathon' involvement ended with your donation- it doesn't have to. I'm asking each of my mile sponsors to take just a few more steps (literally) to get involved in the experience. On April 26th (race day), plan some way to cover your mile(s) wherever you might be. You can run it, walk it, roller blade it, jump rope it, or if you're really "anti-activity" for some reason, drive it! It doesn't matter what you choose to do- have fun and be creative with it. Get your friends and family involved!! While I'm running each of your miles in Oklahoma City next Sunday and I start getting that "I can't go any further" feeling at mile 22-- I want to know that somewhere on that day-- my mile sponsors are moving too- and that will keep me going! :)

So start planning how you want to complete your mile on April 26th. And be sure to capture a few pictures or videos in the process if you can. By the week of April 27th, not only will I be posting the pictures, videos and stories of my race report-- but I can post your mile reports as well.

Have fun! If you've got a plan on how you'll cover your mile you're especially proud of, please email me so I can share it with others.

And sponsors who are DRC members who will be running the race that day... please send your reports of how you covered your mile for Susan's Foundation as well (any mile you chose to focus on during your race counts). You can do something 'wild and crazy' for that mile, or keep it part of your regular race strategy. Whatever you do, have fun with it!

Alright sponsors-- let's get moving! :)

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