Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rachel's Training Update

Oh my, what a month it's been! I've moved from my live-in nanny position in Aspen to my own place in the quaint (read, one-mile town) of Carbondale, CO. It's been three weeks since it last snowed and I am loooving Spring in the Rockies...finally, solid ground...wahoo! :) Though not without a few growing pains, oy! Once I passed 6 miles I'm beginning to feel my age. See, I've always thought myself to be of the ageless, indestructible back begs to differ. :) But, post-Chiropractor/ orthodics, I'm hoping to be back n' at 'em. It's on!!

Here are a few pics from runs since I last posted.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anna's Training Update

Hello there, remember me? :) The last few weeks have been interesting. First things first, I flew to Tempe, AZ to take part in the 1st Annual Susan's Run 5k. This was a fantastic event!! Hopefully I'll get some pictures up soon. There was a great turnout and it was awesome to see so many friends and family all in one place, remembering Susan and supporting such a great cause. I had a great time running the race with my sister-in-law, (Annette) and chatting away about all kinds of girly topics. The course was also fun. In Dallas I'd gotten very used to running most of my races on an out and back stretch of a flat course at the lake. As much as I love White Rock Lake, the Kiwanis Park course was a very nice change up. We encountered several hills (good prep for Seattle), lots of turns and changes in scenery. We ran through a desert complete with a camel and giant tortise, a maze made up of dirt mounds and chain link fences, and an actual fishing tournament where you had to dodge people casting for their big winning catch. See-- I told you it was adventerous. :) I can't wait to attend Susan's Run again next year. I have decided that this is one race I will never miss!

Once that whirlwind weekend ended, I made it back to Dallas and pretty shortly thereafter fell a bit under the weather for a while and took some time off runs-- only about 10 days actually, but that can feel like a lot. I'm glad to say I just made it back to training in the last week or so. I had a fantastic run with one of my favorite running buddies (James-- my Texas Marathon running partner) last Saturday. I was shooting for 13 miles, and James for 20. Actually neither of us ended up hitting our intended distances that day, but the conversation and company were so great I really didn't care at all. Like I say a lot-- this entire 50 marathon experience is not about the running for me. Sure, that's part of it. But ultimately it's about the experiences and the relationships I'm finding along the journey. Speaking of which, while on that run we ran into (haha- that pun's for you mom) our great friends (and repeat mile sponsors) Roxanne and Greg.... who are actually now ENGAGED TO BE MARRIED!!! I couldn't be more excited for them! It's just one more example of the kinds of great people I've met and friends I've made as a result of this crazy running journey.

Speaking of relationships...tonight, after taking a little time off hill training, I set out to again 'embrace the hills'. I headed out to Flagpole Hill and ran a solo 7 hill workout. [Sarah-- this data is for you since you've been Garmin showed that hill to be (at most) a 20-25% grade and about a 1/4 mile from top to bottom]. I could definitely tell I'd taken time off hill runs, because tonight's meeting was less of an embrace, and more of a handshake- maybe a side hug at best. I was SLOW and it HURT!! But I'm going to keep plugging away at it-- because in just 73 days-- we're hitting those Seattle hills!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Randy and Sarah's Training Update

The past few weeks have been really busy. I have been working (as usual), Randy has been doing his last half of student teaching (graduation is in 6 weeks), we drove to and from Idaho, Jolee has been teething (all four front top teeth at the same time), oh, and we have been running. I first realized that we are making the transformation into runners when we were in Idaho. We ran 3 of the 4 days we were there. The first day, about a mile into the run, I am wondering why I am starting to get short of breath. My muscles felt fine, but I felt like I couldn't get enough air. We realized that the area we were running in was more than double the elevation of Tucson. Oh my, oh my, does elevation make a huge difference for a runner. When we got home I was quick to look up the elevation for Seattle (about 2000 feet lower than Tucson). I am assuming that lower elevation will be easier to run in, any runners out there know if I am right or not? (please, oh please say that I am). The second day was during a snow storm.
I can't believe Randy wore shorts, crazy guy. It was one of the hardest runs ever! Harder than our first couple of runs even. I think I might have cried a little. I know I whined. We could only do about 2 1/2 miles, there was no way I was going to be able to run 3. I now have a little more of an understanding of what Rachel (our Lemonade Maker team member) is having to train in. Rachel, you are one tough cookie! The stinging snow and freezing wind just about did me in. The third day was the easiest. First of all, no snow. Second, Sandy, my sister-in-law, drove us 3 miles away and dropped us off so that we couldn't cheat and run less than our scheduled amount. Third, it was a beautiful day. Part of our run was past Napolean Dynamite's house (from the movie). Unfortunately I wasn't in the mood to carry a camera, so no pictures. It looks a lot different now than it did in the movie (no llama, etc.). We did take pictures at Preston High, Napolean's and Randy's high school. Back to the run. As we were running, a dog was in the road (maybe 4 or 5 cars drove by for all 3 miles). I thought the dog would attack us because we were going by its house, but the opposite happened. The dog thought that we were chasing it and ran away every time we got close. So we ended up "chasing" it for about a mile, before it got off of the road and ran behind a house to hide. Another part of the run was up a very steep hill. We didn't realize how steep until we tried to climb it. It was difficult to even walk up it. I guess it is good training for Seattle.

I am so glad that we are back in Tucson and training here. Idaho was 2 weeks ago. Last week was our first 4 mile run. For about 2-3 weeks, the couch to half training program has been having us run 3 mile runs. Sneaky. The 4th mile is so much easier than the 2nd and 3rd mile. I actually have been able to sprint the last 1/4th of a mile. From 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 miles is the hardest time for me. Once I get into the groove though, it is like I am flying. I have learned to love to run!

We just got back from our first 5 mile run. Wow, I am just amazed at the progress that we have made since we first really started training in January. We did the run without walking at all! We are still slow with an average of 12-13 minute mile, but our distance is really improving. Today's run was really pleasant. We left just before dusk and so we got to enjoy the sunset (so beautiful) and we watched the moon come up. My favorite part was the smell of orange blossoms perfuming the air. We are really becoming runners, which I honestly thought was near impossible.

---Jolee with GrammS (LeAnn Swann Ryan, Randy's mom), who is also the first official member of the LemonadeMaker fan club who will be cheering us on in Seattle. YAY!!---