Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oklahoma Marathon Countdown- 15 days

Let the countdown officially begin!!

I think I started the countdown to my first marathon around 15 days out as well. There are some definite differences this time around. I don't have nearly the amount of mental anxiety over this one wondering if my body is capable of surviving 26.2 miles of running-- but I'm still very excited.

I started some new medications this week and have been struggling with some new side effects. So I made some modifications to my intended training schedule for the last few days and ended up doing a lot more resting. Today I joined the DRC group for most of the planned 14 mile long run-- but in the interest of keeping myself healthy for Oklahoma elected for a shorter 9 mile distance and plan to make up the extra miles tomorrow. Although I may have to adjust my time of day to the weather-- last I heard there was a 100% chance of rain storms most of the day, that's sure to put a kink in some planned holiday festivities for tomorrow.

It's very hard to believe, but next Saturday will be our last long group run (10 miles) with this season's DRC training program. The differences between training for my first marathon on my own vs. this time with a group have been amazing and I have some great stories to contrast the differences that I'll share sometime in the next 15 days.

Still 6 miles left to go on sponsoring. Please keep spreading the word.

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