Friday, January 30, 2009

A few more pics and video....

Just a few last pics the official race photographers took at the marathon (is it just me, or does everyone else agree that my mom's photos are better than the professionals'?), along with the official video of me crossing the finish line. This cracks me up to watch, because at the time I was so tired that I felt like my arms and legs were all working separately from my body-- and on the video you can really tell-- arms and legs flailing everywhere! lol

There's another advantage for me to posting all of these online... when my computer finally takes it's last breath- as it's been threatening to do for awhile now, at least I know these pics are 'safe' out there in cyberworld--- if there is such a thing as safe in cyber world.

It looks like I have finally recovered from my virus-- but I'm not up for long runs just yet. So rather than running at the DRC 15k and 5k tomorrow morning I'll be volunteering--- but that is fun too so I'm alright with that.

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