Sunday, January 4, 2009

13 days... Finding Time

Now, I know all of you are astute observers and are looking at this posting date thinking, 'wait, your last post today says it's a 14 day countdown...did I miss something?' Nope! I just figured out today that I don't know how to count. It really is 13 days till race day... I think.

Just recently I've picked up listening to audiobooks during my long runs, most of them about running training which is proving to be pretty interesting. Here's my favorite take away from a recent run....

Finding time! I'm going to start replacing my use of the phrase "I don't have time to...", to "It's not a big priority to....". I realized that saying it that way really helps put things in perspective and use my time more wisely. Obviously everyone only has 24 hours in a day to work with-- and I don't know too many people who feel like they have loads of extra time on their hands. It's interesting to compare how I use my time and see if it matches up to what my priorities really are....

It seems like I can say, "I don't have time to..... check in with a friend, call
my family, exercise, eat better, etc." (fill in your own blanks) really easily
without too much thought. But suddenly saying that "It's not a big priority
to... check in with my friend, take better care of myself, exercise more, eat
better, etc." and suddenly I'm wondering just what it is I'm doing that really
is more important than those things- then
taking an honest look at what I'm doing with my time and make adjustments accordingly.
I'm going to focus on keeping that in mind more often this year.So part of this book I was listening to focused on finding time in your schedule to commit to running. Obviously one big excuse people use to not work out (or train for a marathon they've always wanted to do) is that they don't have time. I know I said that to myself a lot before I finally just signed up and took the plunge. But it's that I've committed to maintaining this training schedule for so long- I can't remember what I did with that time before! It's weird! Obviously whatever it was I don't miss it much since I can't remember what it was anyway. LOL I guess I did have the time all along! I wonder how much more time I have sitting around just waiting to be committed to a goal. I'll keep looking.... :)

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