Friday, January 16, 2009

2 days.......... Let the panic begin!


As excited as I am to get on a plane to AZ in a few hours and get on with race festivities-- the concern is slowly starting to sink in that in 2 days, I will be going on a 5 hour run! Holy crap! FIVE HOURS!?....maybe even longer than that.

There's all this talk about making sure you are prepared with a race strategy- so you'll focus on completing bits and pieces of the whole event rather than focusing on the finish line 26.2 miles away. So for now I'm trying to focus just on getting past mile #1. From there we'll just see how things go. I'm very excited to read all of the motivational messages each the sponsors have been sending. Thanks for doing this everyone!!

I THINK I've finalized everything I need to bring with me during the race. I mostly ate fruit snacks (and occasional GU packets) every hour or so during my long runs to keep calories and energy up, so that's what I'm planning on for Sunday too. Part of the great fun of fruit snacks is having SO many options of different shapes and characters. My friend Andy and I would make a big production of fruit snack breaks during our long runs around White Rock lake. At a fruit snack break during our 16 mile run I said, "Ok Andy, what do you want? Sharks or Dinosaurs?" As it turns out, Andy had found his own fruit snacks for that run... John Deere! Seriously, little tractor shaped fruit snacks!! This is the kind of variety being offered these days.... fantastic.

So for the marathon.... I'm carrying Indiana Jones fruit snacks. How can this run NOT be an adventure when I'm carrying Indiana Jones fruit snacks?

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