Tuesday, January 6, 2009

11 days: So far, so good...

We're off to a great start with Adopt a Mile in just the first 24 hours. Thanks so much everyone! Please continue to do what you can to help spread the word to others you know. Keep in mind that miles don't need to be adopted by just one individual or one family, you can always go in together to adopt one with several people. Keep checking back in for updates...

Training update- Today I had a 40 minute run and it was the first time I really was feeling good since my 20 mile run about a week ago. I realized too late that the problem with that run was I was unknowingly wearing broken down running shoes. It's generally recommended that you buy new running shoes after about every 400 miles or so. What I failed to realize is that you accumulate those miles much more quickly when in marathon training and logging 40-50 miles per week. So my feet have been pretty bruised and uncomfortable for the last little while- but a new pair of shoes, some extra rest and ice baths seemed to remedy things well. My run today felt great! The only challenge was that it is currently FREEZING in Dallas. The temps have been in the 30s. Add that to a little (okay, a lot of) wind and... (just picture me shivering and chattering my teeth violently). It took my hands a good 30 minutes to thaw out to type after I got home.

My other preparation challenge right now is figuring out how to most effectively pack for traveling 26.2 miles on foot. I don't have a whole lot to bring... GU, fruit snacks, money (what? you thought I wasn't buying myself a 'Finisher' shirt after the race? :)), possibly a cell phone (still undecided about that- a pain to carry but handy when you're searching for your supporters at the finish line expo), some kind of salt replenishment (still don't know much about that), and my biggest challenge is a portable nebulizer (breathing machine) that I need to use about every 3-4 hours to manage some respiratory problems. My insurance just got me one that is very nice and small and I really am grateful for it-- especially because without it I wouldn't be running at all-- but suddenly the prospect of me strapping this thing to myself comfortably for 26 miles of running is making it look bigger and heavier all the time. I'll figure something out though...several ideas currently in the works.

By the way... as we get closer to race day, if any of you have any ideas for favorite inspirational songs to add to my itunes, or any racing advice in general.... I'm not turning away any suggestions. :)

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