Saturday, January 10, 2009

8 days... Be a pre-race sponsor!

After several requests from friends who would love to adopt a mile for Susan's foundation, but find themselves in a tighter financial situation- I've decided to add some openings for 'pre-race sponsors'. You can be a pre-race sponsor by emailing me your request at, and then making a donation (of any size) to Susan's fund. Even just a few dollars will all add up to help support this important cause, so I want to make sure everyone has the chance to participate.

In addition to that, adding more sponsors will end up benefiting me as well. Each of the mile adoptees have been sent requests to come up with a motivational/funny/inspiring thought or quote that I will read just before starting to run their mile on race day. My mom has agreed to collect all of these and put them in a booklet I can carry on the course. So, once we get these last few miles sponsored- that should give me more than enough motivation to keep going when I find myself running like a 97 year old by mile 22.

But if you've ever been to a big race event like this you know there is LOTS of waiting-around time prior to the race start. (Race organizers have asked us to arrive at the shuttle buses at ASU at least 2 hours prior to our 7:40am start time). I am certain that reading some motivational thoughts from my pre-race sponsors during that time will help a lot with the pre-race jitters.

And, don't forget..... FREE massage and facial offer is still open for mile adoptees!!! (See post below).

Training update-- my last long training run (7 miles) and my first run with the long distance training team of the Dallas Running Club. Fantastic group with hundreds of members!!! This morning was a blast-- but FREEZING. I think something like 35 degrees and VERY windy. I honestly don't think I've ever been that cold in my entire life. Granted, I've been in colder temperatures- but never wearing running shorts and a windbreaker for over an hour. Consequently, I think I ran a faster pace today than I ever have before. Pray for cold weather in Arizona next weekend. :)

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