Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just one mile remaining...

If you've been considering Adopting a Marathon Mile to benefit Susan's Foundation but just haven't gotten around to it yet, this is your last chance! Who will be the sponsor for lucky mile #19???

I'll try to sell it a little bit...
Mile 19... I've only run it once. And I must say it is a favorite of mine because it was the most memorable of all the miles on my longest training run (20 miles). The few miles before this were really tough; I was not feeling great and was not happy to be running. But mile 19 marked the start of my runner's high...I screamed with joy at every turn, knowing I was that much closer to the finish. I also spent a good portion of it talking with my running buddy (Amanda) deciding every detail of where we would go for a celebration lunch and planned out our entire meal from appetizer to dessert. I don't think I have ever been so excited, or as hungry as I've ever felt running mile 19. Now come on.... who wouldn't want to own that one?? :)

I just have to take a moment and say how many times I've been touched deeply by people's generosity to sponsor miles for Susan's Foundation. I've gotten emails of interest from people I've never even met-- but who were so positively influenced by Susan's life that they wanted to adopt a mile in her honor. I've also had people sponsor miles who had never met Susan, but upon hearing about her story and her cause wanted to make a donation to help; including some of my fellow graduate students who, in spite of very tight finances, wanted to make a generous donation to Susan's Foundation. The support has been just overwhelming. It's amazing how the life of one person, even though it was cut shorter than we would have preferred, can inspire so much good to continue on in so many people.

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