Thursday, January 8, 2009

10 days...just made the cut off.

It's 11:33pm. Which is cutting it close to get in my 10 day countdown update- but I made it.

Great Adopt a Mile Progress! I'm off to a good start running just over a
half marathon. We just need to fill in a few extra holes toward the end. Is
everyone as intimidated by those mile numbers as I am and that's why no one has
adopted them yet? C'mon...who will be the brave one to sponsor a twenty
something mile?? :)

Everyone in my lab is sick! I'm just about ready to start going to work in a plastic bubble to avoid catching all the coughing and sniffling ailments going around. Yesterday I went to the drug store and picked up Vitamin C, Zicam, Tylenol PM, orange juice...anything I could think of that might keep me from sounding like everyone else in the next few days. I think all of this effort may have no more than a psychological benefit, but at this point I'll take any kind of benefit I can get. Any suggestions for avoiding developing bronchitis? Can you take cough syrup as a preventive for that? I have no idea.

Training update- 3 miles today. Never my favorite distance. I always go out
too fast and end up wheezing through the first 1 1/2 miles. Somehow I don't
think that will be a problem at the marathon. 'Start slow and get slower' is the
best advice I've heard- I think I'll stick with that. Occasionally I run into
people who find out I'm training for a marathon and their first question is,
'how fast do you want to finish'? I'm still looking for the exact perfect
response to that question, although my leading favorite is, "You mean it's

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