Monday, January 12, 2009

5 days.... Going Strong!

Fantastic Adopt a Mile Progress!! We're down to just 2 miles that still need sponsors, and have unlimited spaces available for pre-race sponsors. Keep up the great work everyone!

Training update- Yesterday was my 'dress rehearsal' 4 mile run down Katy Trail. I wore everything I'm planning on wearing race day, including all of my gear to make sure everything would work out as hoped. I have to admit I'm feeling a little more like a pack mule than a marathon participant. But I did manage to find a belt that comfortably carries everything I'll need for the 26.2 mile journey. The run felt great! I worked really hard at staying at my planned race start pace-- which is incredibly slow-- but it will be important for me to stay disciplined to that if I hope to have anything left for later miles. I laughed to myself as I finished that run because I had a flashback to about 18 months ago when I lived in Maine and finished my very first 4 mile run. I was so happy at the time I cried. I had NEVER run that far before, and never really believed that I could. These days I tend to think of anything 10 miles or less as a 'short run' I don't worry too much about. Amazing how much things can change with a goal and a little persistence. Just proof that there really is room for ANYONE in the sport of running!

Health update- In spite of all the sickness still going around my lab, my
bronchitis sounding cough has settled into a much less severe sounding version-- thank you Mucinex! And I thankfully think I have managed to avoid the cold I was feeling coming on--- although I'm staying in 'defensive mode' about that through Sunday just to be safe.

If you see me this weekend you may notice that I've developed a slight case of what I'm affectionately calling 'chipmunk cheeks' (which I think sounds much cuter than 'moon face' as the medical field calls it). To save you from wondering and, I don't have the mumps- and I'm not trying to ease the load of my running belt by storing fruit snacks in my cheeks for the race. I'm on a steroid medication that does wonders for managing my breathing and some other health hassles-- but does have some funky side effects, among which are 'chipmunk cheeks'. While I'm not thrilled to have them for marathon weekend when I hope to be taking lots of pictures-- I'm trying to focus on the fact that in my case right now...chipmunk cheeks=able to run in my marathon! Somehow looking at it that way almost makes me like them a little bit. lol. But no worries... I'm not on nearly as much prednisone as this guy apparently is....

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