Wednesday, January 7, 2009

11 days again? Spibelt

Ok, let's just all casually look over the fact that I mis-counted my marathon countdown again. It really is 11 days from today. This is what happens when you spend too much time being a Ph.D. student, a marathon trainee, and a novice fundraising expert--- you loose too much sleep and then loose the ability to count higher than 10. lol Thankfully I won't have to count each of the 26.2 miles I run on race day myself, otherwise I may never find the finish line. But just in case maybe some of you should bring numbered signs and a big stop sign to the race, either that or can someone pick me up in Tucson later that day? :)

Great news! I have found the perfect way for my nebulizer to make the 26.2 mile
journey with me comfortably. This is an awesome product called Spibelt. They are
sold at most running stores, or at through their website

For anyone who has ever wanted the benefits of a fanny pack without the look or bulkiness if one- this is your new best friend. This tiny little pocket stretches to hold a LOT of stuff for it's size. And the band is elastic which means it stays flat against your body and doesn't bounce at all. This is a must have item for runners, walkers, kids.... anyone looking for a hands free way to carry essentials with them on the move.

The makers of Spibelt have generously offered to donate one of their products to encourage fundraising efforts for Susan's foundation. So one of you lucky donors will be getting a free Spibelt. Keep checking in for updates on how it could be you...

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