Sunday, January 4, 2009

Race Countdown- 14 days- Building Insanity

I'm reading a great book, Marathoning for Mortals, and particularly had to laugh at the start of chapter 14...

"This is where the real fun begins. Those last few days and hours
before the big event are filled with excitement, terror, joy, frustration, calm,
and panic. It's the best time of all.
At least it can be
if you're open to the mood of the moment and the sometimes wild swings of
emotion from well-placed confidence to abject terror. If this is your first
marathon, the last few days before the big event will be unlike anything you've
ever experienced. The emotions feel like a cross between a surprise birthday
party and jumping from the 100th floor of a building.
Don't worry if your friends and family don't understand you. Don't worry
if by the Thursday before race day no one is even willing to be in the same room
with you, let alone try to have a conversation with you. These last few days are
the closest to being possessed that you will ever experience."

So, I apologize in advance to anyone who's still brave enough to associate with me for the next 2 weeks. :)

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