Friday, December 18, 2009

Where do we go from here?

Texas Marathon post-race soreness has subsided. So-- let's do it again!! :-)

Make your vote (top right corner of blog) on which state we'll visit for Marathon #4.

Both are great options! Despite the summer month, the weather should be nice in both locations. Both work well for a grad student schedule. I have family in both states I would love to see. Seattle's race course will likely have a few more hills than San Diego-- but I'm up for that challenge this time around. I've never been to Seattle and would love to visit for the first time, but then again, who doesn't love San Diego in the summer as well? :-)
I'll run where you send me--- so place your votes and I'll try not to sway the voting too much one way or the other.

Care to join me?? This time around I'm looking for a few runners or walkers to join in on the fun! Look for more details to come-- but in general, I'm looking for some teammates of any running or walking skill level who'd like to make it a goal to participate in Marathon (or the half-marathon) #4 as part of the team to help continue raising money for Susan's Foundation. You can work on your training and fundraising where ever you are until race day. I'll give updates on your progress throughout the training season on my blog. On race day we'll meet up in either CA or WA, and run or walk for a great cause!! Who's in?? :-)

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