Monday, December 14, 2009

Texas Marathon - Miles 9-13

Mile 9 -- DRC Fall Marathon Training Program

Mile 9 was a pleasant downhill jog to White Rock Lake. James and I both commented that it felt like we were returning home. Running around the lake is a 9 mile loop and is a very regular route for DRC training runs. It's also one of the most beautiful places in Dallas and I love it there! I was also getting excited because I was reaching my first 'mental goal' of the race-- reaching mile 10, where I would for the first time see one of my greatest supporters of the race, my friend Debbie! As luck would have it, Debbie showed up just a little bit early!! :)
I was SO EXCITED to see her!! Debbie would spend a very long day out on the course to support us, and as much as I keep trying to tell her how much it meant to me, I'm not sure she'll ever completely know. This was the first point I got a glimpse of my mile 20 cupcake and it looked AMAZING!! Debbie offered to let me take one then, but I was determined to wait until I'd knocked out 10 more miles. I was still feeling good!

DRC Training Program- I've trained for marathons with the program and I've trained for a marathon by myself. Without question, DRC is the way to go. The amount of effort all of you put into your jobs is incredible. I have made so many wonderful friends and learned so much through this program. THANK YOU!! (And thank you again Nelson Prater for making sponsorship of this mile happen).

Mile 10- In Memory of my grandmother, Evelyn Bierman

The next several miles around the lake were a very flat, comforting and familiar run for James and I. We continued to chat and catch up on each other's lives. Things were much quieter running around the lake than they had been running through neighborhoods, and in a way the peace was a welcome break. Although the support from the sidelines didn't end-- we both started to laugh when we got shout outs of encouragement from three kayakers on the lake. :-)

Grandma Bierman- You would have loved this mile. It was calm, peaceful and beautiful, just as your presence in my life always was.

Mile 11 -- Jean Groce

Happy, comfortable, just rolling along. I had been warmed up to this running pace for several miles, and now was just the opportunity to mentally and emotionally process everything that was happening. It hit me how much my life has changed in the past year in so many ways. I thought about how grateful I was that I was physically able to participate in this (slightly crazy, some would argue) hobby of marathoning. 12 months prior to this I ran my first marathon, and did it while taking a lot of steroid medications and using a breathing machine every three hours. Today, thanks to some great doctors I'd come across this year, I was on much less steroid medication, and hadn't used my breathing machine in months-- and I was feeling great!! Life is good!

Jean- The Fairy Godmother of Team Goldilocks! I am so happy that I've gotten to know you this past year. Your continued support and encouragement of the DRC Walking Groups is inspiring. My best memory of you this training season is when your doctor asked you to stop running for a short time. That next Saturday DRC had a long run on the schedule. Instead of taking advantage of the Saturday morning opportunity to sleep in, you got up early and stood on a sidewalk corner on our running route to clap and cheer as we all ran by. I will never forget that! You amaze me Jean!

Mile 12 - Veronica Mayer

For the most part, all is still going great. But this is the first mile when I realize I have gone just beyond warm-up distance and my feet just start realizing they're in for more than a regular mid-distance run today. But no worries, mentally I'm doing great and enthusitasm is still high!

Veronica (far right, below)- Thank you so much for your support of my fundraising and training goal! I've enjoyed the brief exchanges we've been able to share through Facebook and Race Nation, and hope to get to spend more time getting to know you in person this next Spring. Congrats on completing White Rock with your relay team!!

Mile 13 -- Roxanne Olvera & Greg Hall
(From Greg & Roxanne): You now reach a fork in the road. The path forward takes you to the finish.... the path back will return you to the start of this journey. They are of equal distance, but only one will give you the award and victory you seek. It is an easy choice. Move forward and grab the glory you deserve. Today you run, tomorrow you rest!
Reaching the half-way point is always a relief. It was also at this point I took my mid-race dose of Tylenol. Oh yes, the feet were beginning to feel it! But we had no thoughts of turning around or giving in. Just a few miles away we were looking foward to meeting Randy at Mile 14, and our DRC friends at the mile 16 water stop. If we weren't feeling perfect by those points we were determined to at least look as though we were. :-)
Roxanne & Greg- Two of my favorite DRC people! You have been such fantastic friends this past year. Thank you so much for all you do for DRC and for working so hard volunteering to make this a great event for everyone. Roxanne- our Team Marble Slab meetings were some of the highlights of my experiences this training season. I loved sharing those times with you and look forward to many more important meetings in the future! You are a wonderful friend!

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