Friday, December 4, 2009

9 days

Today is the first opportunity that has come up to view the predicted weather forecast for Dec. 13th. Low of 40, high of 59. Partly cloudy. Assuming that holds up, we're in for perfect running weather!!

I did a very pleasant 5 mile run on Katy Trail last night. Every third person I ran by had to comment on my attire.... long sleeve shirt and running shorts. Granted, it was COLD!! But I somehow survived last winter season without running tights, and now I'm kind of feeling stubborn to see if I can do it again. lol. But honestly...BRRRRR!!!!!

I love running in cold weather but there are a few disadvantages. Probably the most annoying being loosing the use of your hands. My first DRC training season I ran with my friends Max and Denise as pace leaders, and I remember having to ask them for help anytime I needed to unzip the pouch on my belt anytime I needed food, breathing machine, etc. lol. I'll definitely be running with gloves on race day.

It still hasn't completely set in I'm running a marathon in 9 days. I know it will hit me at some point. In the meantime I have no shortage of things to keep me busy. Ahh- the blessings of distractions. :-)

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