Monday, December 14, 2009

Texas Marathon - Pre-race Report

Since I missed a few pre-race countdown days, I'll try to catch up here... Several people have asked me (and I'd asked myself on several occasions) how I felt (pre-race) for my 3rd marathon compared to my first. Without a doubt the excitement and the anxiety are both still there, although it seems that as I get more marathon experience in- the ratio of excitement to anxiety changes a little bit. I knew I had completed 26.2 mile runs twice before, so mentally that helped the anxiety level some, but I was still incredibly excited for Sunday to arrive. Starting around Wednesday last week I started waking up multiple times at night and by Thursday afternoon it was almost impossible to focus on anything non-marathon related.

Friday was a welcome day because I had a long day at work (good distraction from pre-race nerves), and then had a Team Sprinkles meeting that evening. This was our last meeting of 2009, and was especially exciting because so many of us were wound up and excited to run on Sunday, and we'd be celebrating the recent Las Vegas Marathon Wedding of two of our members, Max and Denise. Yes- they were married as they ran the Las Vegas marathon!! We couldn't be happier or more excited for them! We celebrated their recent tying of the knot by giving them a 'run-thru wedding reception at the Sprinkles meeting.

Max and Denise completed everything from making the wedding toast (with Gatorade of course :-)), the wedding dance, taking a photo, cutting the wedding (cup)cake, tossing the bouquet, and more in an impressive 1 minute and 3 seconds.
Team Sprinkles co-presidents Genevieve and I were surprised with holiday cupcake gifts. Team Sprinkles-- happy, carb loaded (and cold, I might add), and ready to run on Sunday!!

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