Sunday, December 6, 2009

8 days

Okay, so technically I missed the day 8 countdown window-- but since the sun hasn't risen on day 7 yet, I'm hoping this still counts. :) The nervousness is starting to set in just a little bit. The updates on race day temps are about the same as what I posted earlier, but now with an added 30% chance of showers in the mix. I'm starting to wonder if not having running tights is going to be a mistake. BRRRR!!!! I got in a few short (cold) miles on Katy Trail this morning. I felt a little more fatigued than normal- probably the effects of a fun social life I'm enjoying right now. :) My plan is to get in a few more short runs this week just to keep myself sane- but for the most part start to focus on RESTING!!!

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