Thursday, December 31, 2009

Join the Marathon #4 Adventure

I've updated the top of the blog to include several new ways you can be a part of marathon #4 for this year. Here's a few more details on each...

Marathon mile/pre-race sponsors: We're welcoming back mile and pre-race sponsors for the Seattle race. Marathon miles will open for sponsorship Feb. 1, 2010.

Join 'The Team': Commit to training for and running the full or half marathon in Seattle on race day. Runners and walkers of any ability level are welcome!! What a great adventure to take on for the new year-- running and raising money for a great cause! Set your own fundraising goal and plan. I will help keep you motivated and on schedule by posting regular blog updates on your training and fundraising progress. ('The Team' will probably get a new name later on- one thing at a time for now). :-) If you're interested in joining The Team, please try to let me know by Feb 1st-- esp. if you're a new runner or walker. We want to make sure everyone has time to get on a good training schedule-- and I'm happy to help anyone with that who needs it.

Join 'The Team' Fan Club: Commit to being in Seattle on race day to cheer on and support Susan's Foundation runners across the finish line. Hold signs, ring cow bells, hand out oranges/Gatorade, take pictures... What a great way to vacation and see Seattle while supporting a great cause! The Fan Club idea was inspired by all of the friends and family who came out to support me for my Arizona marathon, and most recently by Debbie Van Winkle- who was such an incredible support toward helping me finish the Texas Marathon strong. Marathon fans and supporters are a KEY part of every runner's success. We couldn't do it without you!!! Fan Club members can also set a fundraising goal if you'd like. Updates on Fan Club members will also be posted on the blog throughout the training season.

Please email me at if you're interested in joining any of these groups! For past marathons, my commitment was to only run each marathon if I was able to find sponsors for each of my miles. Because you all have been so generous and supportive, I'm expanding my goal for future marathons because I believe we can do it. In order to run marathon #4, I need to find sponsors for all of my marathon miles, AND find at least 4 other runners to join The Team for the Seattle race. (For marathon #5, I'll be looking for at least 5 Team members, etc. -- so if you can't commit to June, there will be many more opportunities!)

Happy New Year!!!

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