Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The votes are in... Texas it is!

After Oklahoma next month, Texas will be marathon state #3! Mark your calendars for the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 13, 2009.

While my adventerous side is slightly disappointed not to run with Mickey and Goofy this year, my bank account is extremely relieved. Thanks so much to everyone who voted!

I decided I like the idea of sponsors making more of these running related decisions- so we're going to keep up the voting. Every week I'll post a new question for your vote. This week- shoes! Next week I'll be due for a new pair of running shoes for the OKC marathon. So now the girly fun of running-- what color to choose? (Note these are all the same shoe and model I've been wearing happily for years now-- just the color is different!)

Pictures of options are below the voting poll at top right corner of blog...
1) Orange/White- I do not have this color yet. Not sure if local running stores have been carrying this color, meaning I'd have to order them. This is not hard to do-- just a consideration.
2) Lt Blue/Green- same shoes I wore for the AZ marathon. Go with the same color in OKC, or try something new?
3) Blue/Silver- same color as my current running shoes.

Don't under estimate the importance of this decision. If you've ever run a long distance- you know how often you end up looking down at your feet and willing them to keep going. :)

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Gail said...

Personally, I like the blue/green better. But Dylan said he liked orange the best!!