Friday, March 27, 2009

Progress Report

Only 11.2 more sponsors to go to fill up Oklahoma!!
And with a month to go I really think we're going to do it! This absolutely amazes me! There has been such a fantastic response from people all over to help raise funds for Susan's Foundation through race sponsorship. Members of the Dallas Running Club have been especially supportive of this cause recently-- even recruiting family and friends in other states to donate! I continue to be amazed with how many generous and good hearted people there are in the world. Even people who are unable to provide financial donations at this time have been such an incredible support and an encouraging force for me--both to continue with the fundraising drive, and to keep up with the actual running as well. All of these forms of support mean so much! Thank you everyone!

Since adding the pay pal service to the blog, just this week I withdrew the first round of donation money and took it to the bank to deposit in Susan's Foundation account. As I handed the money to the teller, the power of what we're doing really hit me. At some point, this money is going to be given to a young cancer patient. One who is likely completely overwhelmed with not only the physical and emotional stress of fighting cancer, but overwhelmed with the financial burden as well. This financial help is going to mean the world to that person! We are doing a really powerful thing here that will really make a difference.

Thank you again to everyone for your generosity and your support!

I've been so busy updating the blog with Sponsor Spotlights (yea!), that I haven't been doing many training updates-- but rest assured, with OKC just 4 weeks away I am still training. Tomorrow my DRC group has a 14 mile run, which hopefully will seem like a nice break after last week's 20 mile run. For awhile now I've been meaning to post some videos of what these runs are like-- so tomorrow I am actually going to try to do this and capture everything from the 5:00am wakeup call, to the mid-point water stop, to the post-run celebration. So stay tuned for those posts tomorrow! I'm headed to bed now-- 5am will come early!

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