Saturday, March 28, 2009


Thank you RunOn! for being the first Supporting Company for the OKC Marathon fundraiser for Susan's Foundation! RunOn! is a local Dallas-area running supply store very popular with runners and walkers of all ability levels in Dallas. I stop in to RunOn! frequently to stock up on everything from GU and SportBeans to new shoes and clothes. Anything related to running you are likely to find here without fail.
RunOn! has generously agreed to donate 2 $50 gift certificates to help motivate
race sponsors to continue to spread the word about sponsoring miles. These gift
certificates will be awarded to the 2 Dallas area runners, or walkers (or
aspiring runners or walkers) who individually sponsor or recruit sponsors for
the most number of marathon miles for OKC. With just 11.2 miles and a little
less than 4 weeks remaining, Jeff Venable and Genevieve Medina are the current
leaders for this contest. Stay tuned to see whether Jeff and Genevieve can hang
on to their leads or whether another sponsor will swoop in for the steal. :)
Thank you again to RunOn! for your support!

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