Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekly Training Report-- Where did the week go?

I have no idea what happened to last week, but before I knew it, it was Monday again today. With the semester starting again soon there has been a lot going on, so some of the 'free time' I felt like I had this summer has slowly dwindled away and been replaced with all sorts of other necessary tasks...but my Texas marathon training has not suffered. Actually, I'm pretty convinced it's one thing I consistently do that keeps the rest of my life fairly together and balanced. You gotta love running for that!

This week was a little lonely as far as workouts go. My Monday workout buddy Danielle was out with a nasty bout of food poisoning. (Hint: Avoid Taco Bell). And due to my work schedule nearly all of my morning runs were pre-sunrise and consquently on the treadmill. I've discovered that between 4 and 5am MTV pretty much plays the same 4 songs over and over again. I'm wondering how much longer it's going to be before I get really sick of hearing them.

The group run Wednesday was scheduled to take place during a heat advisory-- so I decided it would be best for me to put in my 5 miles in the morning instead. But in classic Dallas weather fashion the group run ended up being cancelled at the last minute due to the threat of a sudden severe rainstorm. The storm never actually hit my neighborhood-- we just got lots of clouds and sprinkles (my favorite running weather)-- so I put in a short run outside. I don't know if it was the weather or what but this run was a blast! I ran 2 miles faster than I ever had before (30 seconds faster than ever before). I love it when that happens. :)

Saturday's 8 mile group one was a tough one for me. My back has been giving me problems and I wasn't in the best mood to start with-- but thanks to our awesome Coach Vicki and a few training buddies-- James, Ashley and Roxanne helped get me through it and made me glad I did. Fortunately it wasn't nearly as hot as last week, and the hills felt easier-- although I was pretty bummed out to get to our 6 mile water stop and find it was dry. :( Tambra is a huge help to DRC putting out water for all the runners along our courses each week, but rumor has it one of our coolers got stolen on Saturday-- so unfortuantely the water supply didn't go as planned.

Here's a picture Vicki took of our group (actually at that very water stop). See... I told you we had a much bigger group this season. :)

This week...

Monday- 2 miles/3 miles (So glad to have my buddy Danielle back!!!)

Tuesday- 2 miles/ REST

Wednesday- 2 miles/ 5 miles

Thursday- 2 miles/ 4 miles

Friday- 2 miles/ REST

Saturday- 9 miles

Sunday- Cross-training day

Thank you again to all the Texas marathon (and previous marathon) sponsors for your support. When weeks go like this last one and I'm stressed for time or not feeling great, you are a HUGE part of why I stick to my schedule and stay motivated to keep training. THANK YOU!!!

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