Monday, August 31, 2009

Really??? Another week gone already?

I have no idea how these weeks keep flying by so quickly, but it seems to have happened yet again.

This entire last week I was almost completely overwhelmed with a big research deadline for school, so it seems like all I did was write and run... but I managed to sneak in a little time for relaxing too. :)

Weekly runs still going on schedule. Just this morning I moved the starting pace of my AM runs to 9:50-- I increase my pace 10 seconds every 1/4 mile for 2 miles. And every week I move my starting pace 10 mintues faster. I've been working on this for awhile. I started it because it was taking me so long (3 miles or so) to get warmed up and run comfortably at my normal pace. It has seemed to be helping. Most of these morning runs I do on the treadmill because it's still dark outside. Speed running (which this is for me), is not my favorite thing. The last 1/2 mile of these runs I'm always SO tempted to stop. Why not? I'm usually in the gym all by myself. No one would know any differently if I quit early, or just blew off a few runs altogether and stayed in bed an extra hour. Yet I've found there is something addicting about making up your mind to meet a goal and sticking with the plan no matter what. Not once have I cut one of my 'unpleasant' morning runs even a tenth of a mile short. There is something very cool about starting your day with a challenge. I always know if I can make it through that last quarter mile, I can handle anything else the day may throw my way. :)

And yes, aside from being addicted to hard work and meeting my goals--- I never forget that there are more people than just me in this upcoming Texas marathon. This has been a fantastic week for mile adoptions and I'm so excited to introduce you to the newest sponsors-- hopefully later this week. :)

This week's schedule:
Monday- 2 miles/3 miles
Tuesday- 2 miles/5 miles
Wednesday- 2 miles/ REST
Thursday- 2 miles/3 miles
Friday- 2 miles/REST
Saturday- 11 miles... (6 miles with the training group, and then the DRC Breakfast Bash 5 mile race)
Sunday- Cross training day

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