Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekly Training Report-- Getting stronger

Again, what a week!! How quickly time flies. The majority of this last week I was on official vacation time from my job/school. My very good friend Cassie flew into Dallas from Arizona for a few days. Not only did we have a great time playing Dallas tourists, but I got to get in some of my training runs with Cassie as well this week.

Weekday non-group runs continue to go well. My 2 mile morning runs are focused on gradually increasing my speed over short distances. My evening runs are either with Danielle, which is fun because we do as much talking as running, or on my own. I also have a strength training program I've been incorporating 3 times a week--jump rope, ab crunches, pushups, tricep dips and karate squats. I've been gradually increasing the time and intensity on these workouts for a while now and they are really starting to feel like they are paying off and getting easier. I've also noticed a difference in my running, faster paces and hills both seem to come more easily. Marathon #3 may finally be the one I learn about the importance of cross-training.

Wednesday night was another planned group run that was too hot for me. I planned to put in 5 miles on my own but only made it just past 4 miles before my back was screaming at me to stop. And I've learned, when it screams, I stop! Managing my back allignment is a continual work in progress these days-- stretching, Tylenol, ice, heat. Fortunately it seems to be managed well right now and has just been more annoying than limiting. This will likely continue to be a struggle for a few more weeks while I figure out what's causing some muscle imbalance problems- then I'm hoping to get it completely resolved.

Saturday's run was a departure from the group run routine since Cassie was visiting; she and I joined Danielle for a 9 mile loop around the lake that was a lot of fun and felt fantastic. Well, up until the last three-tenths of a mile when my back got unhappy, but up until then it felt great!
After the run we went to breakfast at a nearby cafe where I'm becoming a huge fan of their French toast, and then met lots of other runners for an unofficial Team Sprinkles meeting.

This was an exciting week as mile 4 found a sponsor in the form of Nelson and Kelly Prater! I'll post their spotlight later this week so you can read all about them. Nelson is a member of my training pace group this season (training for his first marathon) and I'm very honored to run mile 4 in the names of Nelson and his wife.

I also officially registered for the Dallas White Rock Marathon today!

This week's schedule:
Monday- 2 miles/3 miles (another great workout with Danielle- now 7 weeks away from running the Chicago Marathon!!)
Tuesday- 2 miles/REST
Wednesday- 2 miles/5 miles
Thursday- 2 miles/4 miles
Friday- 2 miles/REST
Saturday- 9 miles
Sunday- Cross Training day

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