Sunday, August 2, 2009

Weekly Training Report-- Sweat, sweat and more sweat

This may very well have been the sweatiest running week of my short running career. Hot Dallas summers get a nice reprieve with frequent rain storms-- but they bring high humidity levels with them, which we had the pleasure of running in this week.

Wednesday's 5 mile group run was TOUGH! Weather wise we're hoping that will have been the toughest of the season. Very sunny + very humid = bad combination. Most of us had broken a sweat just standing in the parking lot waiting to start. I really didn't think I'd make it through that whole run-- at least not at the pace of my group. But thanks to some great friends and several stops to completely drench myself in water at a few fountains, we did make it in on pace.

Saturday at least brought cloudy skys, but equally high humidity levels. The 8 miles with the group felt great! When we all made it back to the clubhouse I realized that everything I was wearing, from my shirt to my socks and shoes were sopping wet (and I hadn't made any dunking water stops this time). I tried to wring out my shirt and shorts before getting in my car and realized I created a big puddle on the pavement. lol.

One big concern for runners in this weather is staying hydrated. And one way to check up on your hydration needs is to weigh yourself before and after each run. I did this on Saturday morning and when I got home discovered I'd lost nearly 7 pounds that run!! Seven pounds of sweat-- hard to believe!! I drank a LOT of water this weekend trying to make sure I recovered adequately and I'm glad to report it appears I have.

In spite of the weather challenges I'm glad to report that I've really been feeling great on runs lately. I've been making some medication changes over the summer and they appear to be working well. For the last year I've used a breathing machine for treatments every 3 to 4 hours-- running or not. In the last month that breathing machine has stayed in the cupboard, and I love being able to go on long runs and not worry about bringing it! Life is good! :)

We're off to a great start on Texas Miles already!! Thanks so much everyone!! Please get in those sponsor spotlight pictures and questions so I can start showing off some of you wonderful sponsors on my blog.

For this week...
Monday- 2 miles/3 miles (with Danielle hopefully?)
Tuesday- 2 miles/ REST
Wednesday- 2 miles/5 miles
Thursday- 2 miles/3 miles
Friday- 2 miles/REST
Saturday- 8 miles
Sunday- Cross training day

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