Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

Helloooooo, Seattle!

Such a great city! We were immediately overwhelmed with all the options of what to see and do. One of the best things about that night was visiting my cousin Zach and his family, who have lived in Seattle for a few years now. They treated us to a superb pasta carb load dinner and an evening of entertainment from their extremely talented kiddos. My cousins and I were very close growing up, and it was so great to spend some time with them. Over dinner we also shared some great family memories, including some of Susan (Zach's sister), so it was a great way to remember and get focused on the the purpose for which this adventure began.
And just a few highlights of other touristy adventures:

Pike's Place Market
One of my favorite places! More fresh produce, flowers, food and quirky finds than could be explored in one day.

Pike's Place is probably most famous for the fish. More specifically, the throwing of the fish. It was an uncharacteristically sunny weekend by Seattle standards, and apparently even the fish were forced to adapt."8 pound sockeye!"

The good food options at the market were overwhemling. So at the suggestion of mile sponsor, Meredith- I tried out Beecher's Famous mac and cheese. Definitely the best I've ever had!!! Thanks, Meredith!!Other touristy fun included the Seattle Center, riding the monorail, Seattle City Center, and a Duck Boat tour that showed off some of Seattle's best views from both land and water. Here are just two...

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