Friday, July 8, 2011

Miles 7-11

Mile 7 - JoAn & Eric Ellsworth

“Good luck on your run! And have fun!” - JoAn & Eric

Thanks so much, JoAn & Eric! Mile 7 is usually the point where I finally start warming up and feeling good. Fortunately, this day was no exception. Cruising right along... :-)
Mile 8 - Victoria Neidell

Finally feeling warmed up and settled into my pace at this point. Thanks so much for your support, Victoria!!
Mile 9 - Andrea & Mason Convey

Andrea & Mason- Thanks so much for your support of Susan's Foundation this year! Mile 9 was fantastic! Because of some challenges with this course layout, and the fact my supporters weren't familiar with the area- I wasn't sure when I'd see them. Mile 9 happened to be it!

This being the second marathon my parents have come to cheer me on, they were fairly well prepared for the challenges spectating can bring. Seattle was a very tough course in that much of it wasn't very accessible to supporters. Piece of evidence #1- the LONG flight of stairs my parents had to descend from their car just to make it to the course at mile 9.
And then the waiting game- hoping to pick me out successfully among the 26,000 other runners who would be coming by this point.

Thanks to some good planning on their part, they didn't have to wait long.
It was perfect timing and I was so glad to see them! They even surprised me with options of 2 treats... my new recent favorite of peanut butter (all-natural of course), and....CUPCAKES!!! Normally I would have disciplined myself to wait for mile 20 for the cupcake, but since I didn't know if I'd get to see them there, I thought I should treat myself early.

Ok- actually not that much rationalization went into that decision. Truth be told I was excited, feeling great, and caught up in the enthusiasm of the whole experience I saw a cupcake and dug in! I really only had the frosting at this point, I was kind of in a hurry- but it was a welcome treat!


Mile 10- Terra McGhee & Dustin Brown, Lisa Mortensen

"Running marathons make cupcakes taste sweeter, beds feel softer, bubble baths seem warmer. In fact, every simple pleasure is enhanced by the effort. Enjoy lots of all three after your run!" - Terra McGhee

Thanks so much for your support and friendship in the last few months, Terra! You are just one of the many examples of great friends I've met through DRC and I'm so glad I've gotten to know you. You have been such a big support to me in my life lately! Thank you!!

Mile 11 - Kurt Cimino

Kurt- One of my oh so impressive triathlete friends!! I'm certain I will never aspire to your level of talent for all things endurance racing, but just the thought of you taking on all those workouts and distances is truly inspiring. I had a great time running mile 11...which is a prime number of course. :) Thanks so much for your support!

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