Sunday, July 3, 2011

Getting There & Expo

I woke up Thursday morning just before 4am. Another long run? Nope- this was the day to fly to Seattle!! As it turned out, I didn't need to wake up quite so early. I won't mention any businesses specifically, but we'll just say that a particular airport shuttle company was not quite so 'Super' on this day. Eventually they did show up and I make it just in time to board my flight.

I met my parents in Seattle (they'd flown in from AZ), and we decided to attend to race business first and head straight to the Expo.

First order of business.... the race number! 25211

Next order of business: Shop for marathon gear!!

And lastly, more shopping and endless collecting of free samples. My favorite was the free all natural peanut butter. Unfortunately the actual samples weren't actually in jars quite this big. Once we had explored and shopped till we dropped at the expo- we set out to discover Seattle.

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