Friday, July 8, 2011

Miles 1-6

Mile 1 - Max & Denise Davis

Max & Denise- It's not hard to think of you both at any marathon start. There was so much excitement and energy in the air. It immediately made me think of your smiling faces which prevail even in the most challenging of circumstances. (I'll never forget the fun of that awful Trinity race a few years ago! lol). You are both such wonderful friends! Thank you both for your support and friendship!
Mile 2 - Nelson & Kelly Prater

Thank you for your support, Nelson & Kelly- I was still getting warmed up at mile 2. Surrounded by crowds of enthusiastic runners, I enjoyed the pleasure of holding my pace and taking in all the excitement.
Mile 3 - In memory of Evelyn Bierman

‘ The happy face stickers Grandma always put on her cards - decorating Christmas cookies at her house - playing "Spank the Berrybird" - most of all her wonderful hugs and unconditional love!’ – Gail Mortensen

It's never hard to imagine Grandma's smile and her arms stretched out for a big hug. I feel comforted by that image in any circumstances. This was especially nice at mile 3 because those early miles are not the most fun for me once the initial start line excitement wears off. It takes several more miles for me to get settled in my pace. But thinking of Grandma made all the difference!

Here I am crossing the very first timing mats at the 5k checkpoint. Every time I ran over one of these mats I said hello to everyone I knew was watching for text messages of my check ins. It definitely helped me to feel a little less lonely as the miles started adding up.
Mile 4 - Debbie Van Winkle, Steve Lucas

“As you begin Mile 4, remember what a gift to have the ability to run, and the fortune to be running in Seattle! Enjoy. This picture is at the turn onto Seward from Cloverdale, and (I think) the very beginning of your Mile 4. This is where we would be if we could be there, so I wanted you to have that image in your head!" - Debbie & RalphDebbie & Ralph- You are so creative! I absolutely loved this picture! As I ran through these neighborhoods it was hard to identify this exact corner in all the crowds and excitement- but the fact I kept trying to look for it the whole mile kept me thinking of you! You guys are the best!! Thank you!

Mile 5 - Jeremy & Melissa Goodman

Still rolling along at mile 5! Thanks so much for your continuing support, Jeremy & Melissa! At this point I still hadn't hit any big hills- and my race plan was going along right as scheduled.
Mile 6 - Randy, Kelly, Erin, Mark, Calley & Matt Mortensen

My ever supportive Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins! I've told you before, but I will absolutely never forget all the support you gave me at my first marathon in Arizona! It meant so much to me you would all devote half of your Sunday to chasing me all over the course to cheer me on in all that chaos. Consequently I will remember it in every marathon I run, whether you are there or not! Thank you!! I love you all!!

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