Monday, June 20, 2011

Where to start?

Both my thoughts and emotions have been all over the place the last few days... and you'll probably find this post to be about the same way. Fair warning! :)

Sunday was a rest day from both running and tennis. My first in a long time and yes, it felt very strange and uncomfortable. I wouldn't like to make a habit of it. But on the plus side it gave me some extra hours to get caught up on research. Today I continued number crunching on my new data for 8 hours straight. Exciting findings, but should have taken a few more breaks, because I was pretty wiped out come 4pm. Went to tennis tonight and felt a little better getting some movement in.

More and more awesome people are continuing to step up and make generous donations to Susan's Foundation!! We're now down to just $130 more dollars to raise, and only parts of 3 miles remaining.

Depending on the moment, I'm near tears with gratitude toward all of the incredible support this fundraiser has received, or in periods of deep reflection thinking of Susan, as well as a friend whose mother was diagnosed with brain cancer this week. Though I am excited/nervous for the 26.2 mile start and finish line come Saturday, it's thoughts like these that are keeping me focused and keeping things in perspective. Really it's just too overwhelming to describe.

I heard from Susan's dad (my uncle) today, and just this year through website donations this marathon endeavor has raised nearly $1,000. Combined with the donations made for last years attempt as well- that number is even higher. And of course add that to the three marathons prior to this and... it's just amazing!! I feel so honored and blessed to have the support of Susan's family for this project. It started as a fairly simple idea, first by Susan wanting to help other young adults in her position, and then me training for my first marathon around the same time. I really didn't expect how much bridging those two dreams would change my life. I have met so many incredible people though this journey!! Running marathons by itself is always an incredibly insightful and amazing experience, but combining it with a cause so close to my family, and one I've learned touches so many other lives as well-- just makes the whole experience difficult to describe.

Like I said.... lots of random thoughts and emotions going on right now. But more than anything I'm feeling GRATITUDE!!!! Thank you again to each one of your for your continuing support!!!!

4 days....

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