Monday, January 10, 2011

Organic Dark Chocolate

Organic Dark Chocolate is how I celebrated the end of training cycle #3. Good stuff!! This now makes 30 days I've been back up and running...or attempting it anyway. I can definitely tell I'm making progress, which is encouraging but I still have a long way to go.

Early last week was the kickoff meeting for the Spring DRC Training Season. Having been out of the running loop for most of last year, it was fantastic to be there and see everyone. Several previous mile sponsors asked how the fundraiser was going and said they were anxious to adopt miles again as soon as I had them open. It was a huge reminder of what wonderfully generous and caring people I've met throughout this process! Thank you all for the huge motivation to keep my training in perspective and keep things going.

Speaking of perspective...
Last Saturday was the DRC Frigid 10k race and like last year lived up to its' name with temps in the 30s. Brrr! These running tights are one of the best purchases I've ever made. What on earth held me back from these for so long?? Below is a pre-race pic with my friend, Roxanne. (Thanks to Serena for playing photographer).

The actual race was tough, tough, tough- but I'm glad to report that I did set a personal record for myself. Yep! Not only was it the slowest 10k I've ever run, but that was the closest I'd ever finished to last place in a race (4th from the last). lol. My goal was to walk the first 2 miles and run the last 4 as best I could without stopping. I managed it, but it certainly wasn't pretty. My running pace was actually 2 full minutes slower than my initial walking pace. But it was really the principle of wanting to meet my goal so I stuck with it.

However, one of the benefits to being a back of the pack runner is the wonderful people I'm with back there. Thanks to Sherry, Dave, Jean (and probably a few others I left out) for keeping me smiling and moving. This Spring will definitely not be my fastest season on record, but I'm truely excited for the friendships that will come with it.
After all, it's not about the running.

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Forward Foot Strides said...

I need my tights for the cold temps this year! Was wearing boot leg tights last winer but they aren't very aerodynamic.