Thursday, January 27, 2011

Getting Stronger!

After 3 miles of actual, continuous running on the treadmill tonight- I am happy to report that if I haven't yet completely found my inner runner again, that I'm awfully close.

The last few weeks have been BUSY!! For starters, one week after my slower than slow 10k DRC race, I ran the Hot Chocolate 10k in Addison with my friends Roxanne and Greg. The night before the race the organizers sent out an email that they had reached sellout status (2,000 runners) sooner than expected- and consequently may not have enough finisher's mugs for everyone at the finish line. To be honest, although Roxanne was dying for her finisher's mug from the day she registered, I hadn't really thought about it until I read that email. WHAT?!? A shortage of mugs?? Well now I just had to have one. So that Saturday morning I busted out the fastest pace I could come up with for 6 miles. I ran as fast as I could until I couldn't breathe-- then walked just long enough to catch my breath again. Repeat sequence for 6 miles... and lo and behold I managed to finish 17 minutes faster than the 10k the previous weekend...totally exhausted, but constantly cheered on by my great friends and just barely managed to finish in time for my coveted finishers mug (and yes, Roxanne and Greg got their's too!).

After the race we enjoyed the post-race party with hot chocolate (of course), pizza and pancakes. This was a fantastic race and I will definitely be running this one again!!

My tennis obsession has continued. I'm regularly playing 4 times a week now and having a blast!!

More to come later. I have some big news to share- but am going to hold off just a bit longer. Stay tuned! :)

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