Saturday, October 31, 2009

Texas Marathon Mile 8 Sponsor

Tamara Adamson

What is your hometown? Hard to say. I grew up all over the U.S. Some of my family is in Louisville, KY, so maybe that's it?!

Where do you live now? Dallas (Garland, TX)

What is the farthest distance you've ever run or walked? 14 miles (Tomorrow will make it 15!) -- (Note--- I think this should now be updated to 18 miles....)

What is your favorite way to spend a Saturday morning? Running with the gang, have breakfast with them or my kids and then relax!

What is your favorite workout song, or song that gets you up and moving? I like the Boss, MJ, Cat Stevens,- too many!

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Texas? BIG

What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Hmm.....Skydiving or having kids, it's a toss up.

What is your favorite candy? More

What is the biggest goal you're currently working toward? Retirement

What is your next vacation destination? Greece (hopefully)

What movie inspires you the most? The Color Purple and/or Finding Nemo and/or Shenandoah

What race would you like to see Anna run for her next marathon (after Texas)? Kentucky Derby Marathon -- we could do it together!!

Why did you choose to sponsor Mile 8? It's a multiple of my favorite number 4, which was already taken.

Why did you choose to become a marathon mile sponsor to support the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation? It's a great and worthy cause.

Note from Anna: How could I possibly describe Tamara's influence on my DRC experience? Tamara is a never ending source of enthusaism and optimism at all times. Tamara was promoted to Vice-President of Marketing for the runner-based Team Sprinkles group quickly after she made connections with the company to sponsor our group, and initiated group shirts which are quickly becomming one of the most popular running-related clothing items in Dallas. Tamara is amazing! With everything she already has on her plate, Tamara is never one to back down from an opportunity to get involved in a good cause and stepping up to help. I will be honored to run for Tamara at Mile 8, and am so excited for her to complete her first marathon in a few weeks. She will be fantastic!

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