Saturday, October 24, 2009

Texas Marathon Mile 14 Sponsor

Serena & Rob Lambiase

What is your hometown? Rob- New Orleans Serena- Dayton

Where do you live now? Richardson, TX

What is the furthest distance you've ever run or walked? Rob/Serena- 20 miles walking Serena- 14 miles running

What is your favorite place to spend a Saturday morning? Rob- sleeping Serena- running or biking or racing

What is your favorite workout song or song that gets you up and moving? Rob- none Serena- I Don't Want to Work by Todd Rundgren

What is the first thing you think of when you think of Texas? Rob- UT-Austin Serena- Big

What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Rob- played bass in front of 75,000 people
Serena- signing up for and completing an Olympic triathalon

What is your favorite candy? Rob- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Serena- Dove Dark Chocolate Bar/Nuggets

What is the biggest goal you're currently working toward? Rob- getting an artist signed to a major record label Serena- improving my half marathon time (while staying healthy)

Where is your next vacation destination? Germany

What movie inspires you the most? Serena- Breaking Away

In which state would you like to see Anna run her next marathon (after Texas)? Hawaii

Why did you choose to sponsor Mile 14? We want to help Anna get over the half-way mark.

Why did you choose to become a marathon mile sponsor for the Susan Mortensen Turley Foundation? Several reasons: Susan's story was very touching. This just should not have to happen. We are all affected by cancer, so we need to do something. We want to help find a cure. To raise awareness. To support cancer patients who need financial assistance. To support Anna in her efforts.
Note from Anna: Serena is one of my super-talented triathlete friends. I have no idea how triathletes manage getting in so many workouts to cover each aspect of the sport every week, but it's very impressive-- and Serena is one of the most dedicated people I know. Thanks for your support Rob and Serena!!!

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