Thursday, October 15, 2009

Speed Bumps

This training update will be short for the reason there's not much training going on. As much as I've tried to avoid it, I've managed to come down with the flu. I started Tamiflu and several other medications on Tuesday, so I'm hoping with a little patience (never my best quality) and a lot of rest I'll be back to my normal life within a week or so. In the meantime I definitely have no running workouts to report, although I can give a quick run-down of pre-flu training.... or what I recall of it in my codeine cough syrup induced haze...

Last weekend I did a 15 mile run on my own that actually felt pretty good. My regular long-run buddy was off running the Chicago Marathon that weekend (which she ROCKED by the way, I'm so excited for her!!), so I did this run alone. Normally I'm not an ipod user when I run, but for this one I treated myself to an audiobook. There is something nice about doing that when I have the chance-- the miles sure do fly by quickly. I didn't start getting sore until mile 13, but in spite of that those last 2 miles felt good as well.

I'm trying something experimental with my cross-trianing workouts. More specifically, I'm not doing them so much. I was into a good routine of strength training for awhile, however more often I seem to end up with injuries or back problems from these workouts. Last week I tried something different. Rather than strength training I tried skipping the rest day after my 15 miler, and ran 6 miles each day after that on sore legs. Especially starting out this wasn't easy, but I could definitely tell it was working my muscles and really had that end-marathon fatigue feeling to it-- which I think is good for me to get used to working through. I was planning to keep up these 6 milers every day until the flu hit-- so I think I'll pick them up again once I'm back on the trails.

Thanks to everyone who voted and gave their input about my 1 mile fast run 'dilema'. It is great to know there are so many others out there who also support fun running! I especially liked Nancy's comment that I wasn't 'quitting' my training plan for the month, I was making a 'modification'. I think I will continue to modify future workout plans so they do not include regular speed work-- I just hate it!

This weekend has a 17 miler on the schedule. It's not likely I'll be running it- but I'm not going to freak out about it. Training seasons last months and it's really difficult for anyone to through an entire training season without hitting some sort of speed bump in the process. As annoying as it is, in some ways I wouldn't change that. The speed bumps I come across in training for each marathon have really defined each marathon for me, and in the end made the finish line experience so much more valuable given the particular challenge I had to overcome that time. Whether it be health problems, injuries, school/work stress, family/dating drama-- life definitely doesn't stop for the marathon training season, and I for one am glad it doesn't. This is just one more reason I really do believe that the experience of training for and completing a marathon is not just about the running-- it's about life!

Just 4 miles left to sponsor for Texas! This is incredible!! Thanks so much to all of the generous sponsors who have stepped up to help support cancer patients through Susan's Foundation. You are making a difference that will not soon be forgotten!

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