Sunday, October 18, 2009

Race Number and Scavenger Hunt

I just found out I was issued my White Rock Marathon race number today.... I'll be running under the number H1N1. (hahaha) Okay, maybe not-- but at the rate this flu is flying around Dallas I wonder how many of the participants will qualify to run under the same number come December 13th.

So the update is I still have the flu and still have yet to run a mile this week. It's definitely getting frustrating-- and I hate to think about how long it's going to take me to trade in this awful sounding cough for my running lungs again. But mentally I still have not given up and I'm looking forward to hitting the running trails again when I'm ready.

When I've finally kicked this flu and am up for long runs again-- I'd like to ask for your help. Now that we're hitting the higher number (close to 20) mile runs on weekends--these runs can get awfully long and at times boring. Sometimes even greater than the physical challenge of these runs is the mental challenge of keeping yourself going.

So for the next long distance run I'm up for-- I'm planning on all my sponsors (current and previous) helping me with planning a scavenger hunt. I'll take my camera with me on the run, and attempt to get pictures of as many requests as I can. Post your scavenger hunt picture challenge as a blog comment to this post and I'll add it to my list. Be as creative as you like- although try not to make it something too impossible. :) I'll post all the picture results on the blog after the run. This should be interesting. lol.

Have a great weekend everyone! Stay healthy! And if you haven't already...get your flu shots! :-)


Genevieve said...

I'm sorry you're still sick. I think you need pictures of squirrels.

Roxanna said...

Bevo! Ok, just kidding...that would have worked this weekend. How about fake sheep? If you can't find that, then how about a treehouse? Hint...both are in my neighborhood...

Deb said...

What would the fall season be without a pumpkin?