Saturday, July 4, 2009

Summer Training Update

Happy 4th of July!!!

My favorite holiday-- and one of my favorite things to include in the day is participating in a race. Last year I was in Arizona for the 4th- and understandably finding races in Phoenix in July is pretty much impossible. However Dallas, with its' slightly more reasonable summer weather came through with the Independence Day 5k and 10k at White Rock Lake this morning. With nearly 900 participants-- this was a fantastic event. This was the goal race for the Couch to 5k Program I started working with earlier this summer. They all did an amazing job and many are excited to continue their new found love for running by participating in half marathon training programs this fall.

I volunteered at this morning's race rather than running it. Fortunately I think volunteering at DRC races might actually be more fun than running them-- although I am looking forward to racing again myself. I've been dealing with some nagging back problems for a while now and just started working on getting those resolved in the past few weeks. Now that my spine is lined up again-- probably for the first time in way too long-- my body is taking awhile to adjust to the new, correct allignment. This is proving to be a more involved process than I anticipated, but I am making progress. I'm slowly building back miles to my runs, although I still have quite a few to go to earn the donations for my 100 sponsored summer miles before September. But I'm confident I can get it done! :)

Texas marathon miles open for sponsorship in less than a month (August 1st) and I'm really getting excited. This Wednesday is the first meeting for the DRC fall training program, and fall training officially begins on Saturday. I'll be sure to bring along the video camera so you can meet the newest 'cast of characters' for the Texas Marathon training season!

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