Sunday, July 12, 2009

1st Group Run- Let's get this party started!

Saturday's first group run generated a lot of anticipation and excitement for all of us. Many commented on how it felt like the first day of pace leaders, new groups, new friends. I was surprised how out of my 'Saturday morning group run routine' I'd gotten this summer. I thought I had managed to get myself and my gear together fairly well and left the house at 6am that morning feeling ready to go. When I was just a few miles away from Winfrey Point I'd realized the one thing I'd forgotten that morning...deoderant., there are probably several things I normally could get away with not having on a long group run, but for a first run with a new group in Dallas summer- I decided that deoderant shouldn't be one of them. Thank goodness for grocery stores that open early. :)

Once I made it to White Rock Lake it was already filled with excited runners and I ran around trying to snap as many pictures as quickly I could to catch some of the excitement.

Here's Danielle...eager to break into that baggie of Swedish Fish/Gummy Bear running fuel...

Amanda (Oklahoma Mile 24 sponsor)- jumping for joy at being back running and recovered from last season's hip injury...

Vicki (Oklahoma Mile 10 Sponsor) showing off her new water belt...

Roxanne- (Oklahoma Mile 14 Sponsor)- ready to start training for her FIRST full marathon this season. Roxanne is also competing in her first Olympic distance triathalon next weekend. (Yes, she is WonderWoman).

Me and Danielle- no, Danielle didn't grow- she's on tiptoes. There's still a 10 inch difference in our heights.
And here we have speedy pace leader Mark in what has turned out to be the most popular picture of the (For those of you starting to wonder about DRC, yes- Mark is wearing shorts behind that sign.) But as one new runner (Michelle) put it... "Now there's a picture to get a girl running!"

And a few more running friends, Jay and mom Nirisha, Pat, and Jean....
Just a little of the morning chaos which ensued before we head out for a HOT, HOT, HOT, 6 miles on the trails.
And a hot run it was, and much too sunny for my liking-- but I did finish. Week 1 of training for Texas officially complete.
After the run I enjoyed a post-run Einstein's bagel breakfast with Vicki and Roxanne. (By the way-- Cinnamon Sugar Bagel with Honey Almond Schmear...highly recommended! :)
Week 2 Training Plan:
Sunday- Cross-training day (which for me will be an evening kick ball game with Team Sweedish Fish)
Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- Rest Day
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- Rest Day
Saturday- 7 miles
Just a few more weeks until Texas Marathon Miles officially open for sponsorship on August 1st. Make sure to mark your calendars in order to grab your favorite marathon mile number!!

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