Monday, July 20, 2009

Off and running...

Week 1 of Texas marathon training down. So far things seem to be off to a great start. My weekday short runs are going well, and I'm starting to be able to pick up more distance again on my weekend runs. Last Saturday I did a lake loop (9.3 miles) with some friends that felt GREAT! It was the farthest I'd run since the Oklahoma marathon and physically and mentally it was fantastic.

I've been meaning to post pictures or videos of my Monday workouts because they are my favorites. Danielle drives down from the suburbs and joins me on an adventerous run through Uptown followed by a strength training workout that just about kills us every week! As much as I love getting in a few runs each week on my own to clear my head, there's nothing like having a great workout buddy. The miles definitely fly by more quickly and I usually end up running a little faster pace than I would on my own without even realizing it.

Today we took advantage of Danielle's Garmin and departed from my regular Katy Trail route. Our jaunt through local neighborhoods ended up in a beautiful little park and trail near my house I never even knew existed. Apparently I need to start bringing my camera on runs, I was sorry to miss capturing all that.

I'm counting down the days until Texas Marathon miles open. :) Can this be marathon #3 already???

On the schedule this week...
Monday- 2 miles / 3 miles
Tuesday- 2 miles / REST
Wednesday- 2 miles/ 4 miles
Thursday- 2 miles / 3 miles
Friday- 2 miles / REST
Saturday- 7 miles
Sunday- Cross training day

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Gail said...

Ann Marie,
Save Mile 21 for us! I am having high speed internet issues (waiting for a new modem from Qwest today) so I want to wait to input the credit card info, until I can get on the high speed connection!
Sounds like you are doing great!